Saturday, May 22, 2010

The it a savior?

So last night I got home really late, like 3 AM late from a master youth rally. I was exhausted and wanted to go to bed. But as I checked my email and logged onto facebook out of habit just before bed, my friend directed me to a web forum.

And on this forum was a roughly 35 page conversation about one user on the forum trying to appeal for help to all the other users for advice and guidance on how to stop two Russian friends from possibly becoming victims of Human trafficking in New York City.

And this is where the story kicks off. What we find in the rest of the forum we enter a kind of movie of sorts complete with heartpounding intensity as the users offer their help and contact numbers to try to stop these girls from going to the specified destination wherein they would ultimately be forced into human trafficking. I really can't do it justice but let's say the story kept me up a whole hour extra last night and I don't regret it. I am usually emotionless, but this thing brought goosebumps.

And it really was the beginning of something special in my mind. For the first time that I have observed, the internet brought humans together to solve a serious crisis. And a crisis that could have never been resolved without the help of the internet users (one of the users picked up the girls from a train station in New York City to convince them not to go to their destination)...

Anyways, read about it more here (and I am sure you will hear much more about it once next week starts rolling around).

I would include the actual forum that all of this happened at, but I do not know if I have such a liberty considering there are the expected curse words thrown about throughout the discussion. If you do want to read it and promise not to get offended at such swearing, feel free to email me:

Literally it will be the best read you come across all week.

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