Thursday, May 13, 2010

Facebook: Newest Candidate for Big Brother/Anti-Christ

There has been some creepy stuff about Google doing it's best imitation of how to scare you and know everything you are doing on this blog before.

Well todays links pose a new candidate for "Completely creepy website that is now all up in your biz and you don't even realize it until they take your children."

It's of course facebook....

See here for an easy to read chart by chart comparison of the degradation of default facebook privacy settings over the years.

Then click here to see how complicated it can be try to change some of those privacy settings in your profile as there are countless options that seemingly want to intimidate you right out of wanting to change your privacy settings at all.

For goodness sake, facebook now has a longer privacy policy (5,830 words) than the constitution (4,543 words). And let's be honest, we all know that they made it so long so that we will all be too intimidated to read it and in this policy we will probably find out that facebook will soon be installing cameras in our houses as a default facebook setting...

Excuse me I am going to go hide in my room until facebook decides it wants to go all Elian Gonzalez on me

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