Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pentecostal Introverts: One Man's Thoughts

Author Adam S. McHugh contacted us on our previous posts about introverts in the Pentecostal church to flag us on an interview he conducted with a friend/Pentecostal. Among the many tidbits:

Adam: What is the hardest part of being an introverted Pentecostal, especially a Pentecostal pastor?

John: I think that one of the more difficult things is dealing with people’s expectations that you should be an extrovert. This is particularly true with reference to expressions of worship. Pentecostals have sometimes criticized more traditional churches because of the formality of their services “Let us all stand, let us all kneel,” etc. The truth is that for all our talk of spontaneity and being open to the Spirit we, at times, have our own liturgy, “Everyone raise your hands, everyone shout Hallelujah.”


Joel Riley said...

Once again, this is such an exciting topic for me. I hope this voice from within pentecost (the "introvert voice") continues to be heard

Anonymous said...

The Pentecostals have as much of a liturgy as any Lutheran church. Just like the Baptists, they always close with an altar call that wastes 5 minutes(nobody comes forward).

The Reverand Doctor.