Friday, January 25, 2008

Just My Opinion. That's It.

I have no intention of turning this into a political blog. But being that the election season is upon us, it stands to reason that I, as the sometimes polemical entity that I am, should thus wax. Feel free to debate. That’s one reason why this country is better than any other.

The more I study the current election landscape, the more and more I can see myself supporting only one man left running in the race. And that’s not because I’m thrilled about him.

And no, it’s not that rodeo clown, Ron Paul, Either. It’s Mitt Romney. I’ll write more about him, later, if one needs an explanation.

But I will say this, in the wake of Fred Thompson’s day-old withdrawal: if Romney does not become the nominee, then my tacit electoral inaction will most likely help exalt the appalling Hillary Rodham Clinton to her Scepter of Destiny.

Seems Mike Huckabee polls rather strongly with the Dobson circles. And he did at first with me too, especially with his answer to what was supposed to be media sandbagging over faith during an early debate—one that backfired on the moderator.

But ask yourself something. Why does the same American media, who normally engages in an out and out Manchurian bloodletting of anyone who sticks up for both unborn babies and the Genesis account, seem to be trying to front-load the Republican ticket with a guy who coincidentally has a last name that, unfortunately for him, doesn't sound presidential. hate to say that, but we're a shallow country, too.

Just think about it. Do you not find it odd? Or are they sitting on a guaranteed “smart bomb,” one that guarantees a Hillary presidency—and an unopposed one—with one piece of information that will nuke his chances outright. I for one, think they do. But that’s just my instincts talking.

But what about a presumed McCain/Clinton primary? What IF it comes down to them? Do I simply vote for a man who is a perfect fusion of American patriot and ideological traitor, just to ensure that Hillary has to continue running to and fro in the earth?

Me, I’m not so sure anymore. McCain has repeatedly thrown his base under the bus time and time again. Whether he’s stifling the 1st amendment with his alleged attempts to reign in campaign improprieties, or fomenting the socialist agendas dressed up as concern for carbon emissions. It was McCain who helped form the infamous “Gang of fourteen,” a self-emasculating move that masqueraded as bipartisanship. All it did was make it more difficult for the President to pick a judicial nominee that didn’t have repulsive, totalitarian instincts. The list of things that place him in a position far removed from anything remotely associated with conservative values is very, very long.

Then of course, you have amnesty. Or, as it has been referred to in the blogosphere, shamnesty. He can backpedal, spin, twist, parry, and tap-dance around his positions on sticking a fork in the country’s economic interests, but it all remains there. And the fact that he still seeks accolades from that uber-milquetoasted Lindsey Graham nearly solidifies it for me. I could care less if you spent a summer in the Hanoi Hilton, having bamboo barbs hammered up your cuticles. You’ve sinned against my principles. Seems I’d rather have the Clinton juggernaut catch the blame for the whirlwind both seek to bring anyway.

I just don’t know yet.


Jana Allard said...

Hi, Ron. Just happened onto this blog and saw the pic of Denelle. Is that the same Denelle that was at Butler's church in Bellflower? If so, tell her to drop by my site sometime. She was part of WAY Choir a few years ago and Brian and I really enjoyed having her and her sister along on the tour.

aahrens said...

Clinton "running to and fro in the earth"...chuckle, chuckle. Good one! I'm getting so tired of picking the lesser evil for president. I agree - a vote for Huckabee is ultimately a vote for Hillary. But then, is it the same with McCain - a vote for McCain is a vote for her, as well? What also annoys me is how Clinton/McCain seem to play "nicey, nicey" to each other- it wouldn't suprise me a bit if one or the other became the other's VP.

Alas, I'm feeling fickle with regards to my vote on Feb. 5th. So much at stake and too many twisted stories, false/true claims and pandering make it nearly impossible to chose. God help us.
Thanks for sorting things out a bit.


TEXAN said...

WHAT has this great American democracy come to when we have so LITTLE choice of candidates to elect a world-leader president? I cannot imagine what it will be like to have a black Muslim (I've heard all the denials) or a white female b---- (I only thought it!) in charge of our country!!! And the Republicans are offering us NOTHING to choose from either (Notice I didn't say NOBODY.....) An independent could probably win if anybody with any sense (and MONEY, of course!) were running. I'm so sick of thinking about it. As I've heard many people say, "PRAY, church, PRAY!"


Ron Giesecke said...


I agree with you. Actually, there is also a prevailing thought that Mayor Bloomberg will enter the race as an independent. I'm just hoping he doesn't do for Hillary what Ross Perot did for Bill.


vicpmorley said...


I disagree with you about McCain, adn I plan to vote for him next week. That is a longer discussion, but your criticism of him for his work with the "Gang of 14" is misguided. I've been to busy to respond, but essentially, the Gang of 14 paved the way for Alito as well as several conservatve judges on the Courts of Appeals.

There is an article on this point today and it is linked below.

vicpmorley said...