Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tolerating Themselves Right Into Slavery

Once upon a time, in my former daily salvos as a satirist, I submitted the following satirical sendup: (click on the image to see the partial screen capture):

Now it seems the "dumb, refusenik dogs" (European version) of Isaiah are using their remarkable inability to lay blame at the correct doorstop. Looks like they just can't figure out who's actually responsible for killing the gays over there. Stunning how the same people that can portray any attempt to link eternal purpose to human life as a retroactive attempt to imprison Gallileo cannot see the obvious.

Of course, fear will do that to you.

Me? I'm about ready to start investing in Burka-Wear. Actually, I'm ready for Jesus to pull the plug on this anthropological freak show, altogether.

Exit, stage North.


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