Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh, And Neithzche Is Dead, Too, By The Way

I have to admit. I quite enjoy it when our "skeptics" and "rational" thinkers get all gooey and start rubbing their hands every time NASA starts implying there may be evidence of water on mars. I mean, it's just swell watching them so fervently contend for the possibility of something they can't prove. Cause you just know the whole "water to support life requirement" is something THEY discovered. Genesis notwithstanding, of course.

Yep. That faith's wonderful thing, aint it?

So yesterday, I open my computer and head over to FOX News. Oscillating across the ticker was a bright orange banner that had an elaboration on this story about the Mars Rover having potentially photographed a Human-like being on the red planet. Along with it came the following picture:

So I decided I was going to blog about it today. Unfortunately, the piece on the Fox News website was unretrievable. At least by me. And I think I may have an idea why. Seems we've been down this embrassing road before, and it involved a guy in an ape suit, standing in a pose curiously remniscent of the one above:

Come to think of it. Maybe that guy actually went to Mars.

God: 1, Atheists 0. Again.



aahrens said...

And you know where all this speculation leads. Remember the last time a certain being thought himself/tried to make himself equal with God?


Josh said...

I'm a little confused...
The very first news story I saw on this picturewas on Fox and there was nobody seriously suggesting that this was some living figure. In fact, that article and those following have made light of the very idea. NASA has oficially described it as a small piece of wind-blown rock.
But even if life were discovered on Mars, what would that have to do with proving/disproving Genesis?

p.s. Don't be scoffing at Bigfoot, now, that is real! :-)

Ron Giesecke said...


Oddly enough, we as Christians get tied in with the early Catholic church--the one that made the assertions that the Earth was at the center of the universe.

And, catholocism seems to be the only valid reference in christendom (at least to media). So every time a college professor, or a documentary gets to re-assert their scientific victory over this, they think they've won an actual battle, instead of winning one over a hoplessly-erring body. You'll notice that Martin Luther is no hero to them, despite his theological TKO.

But one must concede that finding life anywhere else would be effective in the diminishing of the idea of a personal God. At least that's how it would be used. Why else is science so obsessed with finding other intellegences--albeit ones that bring no moral code with them? And yet, a "god" is patently absurd to them.