Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NewWorldSon Sings The Gospel With Oldschool Finesse

Sadly, a number of supremely-talented apostolic musicians continue to undergo a sort of "pirates curse," one where the moonlight of secular noteriety wipes away all identifiable origin.

But that doesn't mean that modern Christian music is completely devoid of musical consecration--it just seems that it has to come from outside--from those who have not yet seen the fundamental truths that set us apart.

If you haven't heard NewWorldSon, it's just that you haven't heard them--yet. Described various ways, I personally find them to to be an amazing amalgam of blues, r&b, with an old style hip-hopped Frank Sinatra.

Not beholden to the trappings of modern performance demands (i.e., state-of-the-art keyboard patches, click tracks, overcompressed bass and guitar, etc.) They simply set up, and play. With real instruments.

And do they ever. See their website video rendition of "Do Not Pass Me By."

Their complete album is due out in February.

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