Saturday, January 05, 2008

Welcome to the New Collideoscope

As many of you have probably noticed we've had some changes around Collideoscope lately:

David, has become a daddy again and is getting ready to make the leap across the pond and head to Ireland;

Ron, has graciously joined Collideoscope in an effort to keep you all from being subjected to me alone; and,

I, have been trying to arrange things in my life to make the transition to full-time student. Yes, that's right. In two weeks I will be unemployed, doing a part-time internship and going to school full-time. I'm very excited and completely terrified.

We're all very excited about 2008 and what it has in store for Apostolics everywhere. Be sure to check back in often to get your latest Apostolic news, commentary on culture, music, politics, etc., and exciting interviews with Apostolics who are making a difference.

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