Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And This Is How Spider Monkeys Get Killed, Too

The inability to relinquish one's own will in the face of imminent death, be it fiscal or physical--is alive and well out here in vainglorious California.

Some time ago, the Berkley City Council engaged in a very public berating of the United States Marines, and have opted to literally kick them out of the city, branding them "occupiers." The 6-3 voted also harmonized by a shrill soprano section from Code Pink, amounted so something . . . well, simply embarrassing by anyone else's standards.

What the city council forgot to consider, however, was that the same body that funds those "Gangsters" is also the same legal body that allocates over 2 million dollars to the city of Berkeley as well. Now it looks like the same city council's looking for blood to put on their doorpost before a vote that could strip them of all earmarks--despite an attempted procedural torpedo by Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid--happens as early as tonight.

As an aside, it is truly sad that a group so firmly entrenched that close to university-level education can't even spell their own vandalism correctly.

UPDATE: Looks like even Che Guevera-loving political passions can be tempered when the bottom-line actually becomes one.


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aahrens said...

What a bunch of weaklings. Funny, what people can talk themselves into believing if enough people say it long enough.

Remind me never to move to Berkely.

Bunch of losers.