Friday, February 08, 2008

The Disillusionment Of Neil Young

As much as one should hope he can find a way to deal with his musical recession, Neil Young's recent lamentation about the powerlessness of music to change the world is a good thing--it may cause him to look a little bit higher.

The 1960's era mainstays (primarily the Woodstock alumni) have wasted many, many years applying preposterous spiritual gravity to their work. A combination of quiet self-importance, and refusing-to-get-off-the-world-stage narcissism has prolonged the conclusion many in subsequent generations arrived at many years ago: that music is a wonderful vehicle to advance passion, but must be followed up by some degree of introspective follow-up with quantifiable goals, either spiritual ot societal, if change is to be expected.

Unfortunately, Mr. Young's peer group did manage to do just that--by using their gifts to divide a nation and delude themselves into believeing they helped end a war they in fact--arguably prolonged.

Now, the singer laments the decisions he at one time helped to foment. Maybe perhaps Mr. Young's brief dallaince with christianity will soon be revisited by a man wholly consumed with an otherwise hopeless worldview.



aahrens said...

Ah, yes. Focusing on the creation instead of the Creator. That always leads down a destructive pathway. Convinces me more than ever that nothing can be done properly without first being viewed through the lense of God.


Anonymous said...

In the film U23D Bono places on a headband with CoeXisT (symbols C,X, and T corresponding to 3 major religions) handwritten on it, and rambles on with some comments about Father Abraham and his sons. Great message/opening act for the antichrist, but pretty worthless considering his intent on producing social change, I thought. It seemed like a wave of apathy crossed the audience during that particular act.

Ron Giesecke said...

I agree. That "Coexist" bumper sticker started to nauseate me the minute I realized what constituted the first letter.


Anonymous said...

Ohh yes !! really great com !

So what has Neil Young DONE.... let's SEE:
- More than 500 songs, more than 50 albums and I can't tell how many shows that brings love, happyness, hope, good feelings to billions of people 50 years long, and make them feel better.
- Create a school for disabled children
- Create hardware and solfware so they can communicate using actual technology
- Help family farmers to survive by collecting founds during 30 years
- Built a biomass fuel/electric motor that REALLY reduces 86 % GHG emissions for a BIG heavy car.
- Create a High resolution mobile player thatwon the price of the best mobile players in front of others that cost ten times more.

Well well, it seems that the desillusionate old hippie dreamer MADE much more REAL THINGS to help people and change the world than ....this stupid VIRTUAL blog that nobody read ( and I hope you'll understand what you have to DO now).