Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ben Stein Thinks That Last Post Was Most Swell

Multi-tasking rich guy, entrepreneur, political activist, game-show host, and former tousle-headed radical, Ben Stein, apparently decided that The Passion of the Christ was far too tame a gauntlet, and has decided to just go ahead and have his life threatened outright.

Never one to shy away from controversy, Stein brings his neo-phlegmatic approach to discourse to the theaters. This time, the secular world will find that instead of having their cerebellums dipped in liquid nitrogen by Mel Gibson, that they will have a successful, high-profile Jew tracing the direct arc between neo-Darwinism and history's little quirks . . .like, um, abortion on demand and the Nazi Holocaust.

Click on the image to watch.


James Wilder said...

Ron, we do lots of stuff that use the studies of the men featured in that trailer (Richard Berlinski, Stephen Meyer, etc...) This was an incredible trailer. Looks to be a great documentary!

John said...

I can't wait to see it out on DVD. His basic primes is so right there is strong encouragement not to rock the boat in the sciences. I know I'm a scientist my self. Evolution is only the latest in a long line of controversial ideas such as plat tectonics, the nature of fire, the reevaluation of the plaints and so on. As Max Plank said "New scientific truth usually becomes accepted, not because opponents become convinced, but because opponents die, and because the rising generation is familiar with the new truth at the outset." In the past it has not been the rightness of an idea but the failure of the established idea to work that lead to the change. It took the flows in phlogiston (old modal of fire) two or three hundred years to to kill it and geocentricism complex math killed it after over a thousand years. It may take a long time but truth always comes out, but if we were not so hostel to divers ideas then maybe just ,maybe truth would come out sooner rather than later.