Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Like Having My Own Ant Farm

On February 12th, Radio talk show prognosticator, Rush Limbaugh, made the following pronouncement to a caller, concerning the candidacy and presidential aspirations of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton:

They want this. They need this more than anything in their lives! They have been planning on it, getting back to the White House. This is the Baby Boomers' last chance; the left-wing, anti-war Baby Boomers' last chance to get their arms around this country and bend it, shape it, as they want it. This is what she has lived for! This is what she put up with all those shenanigans from Bill all those years for. This is why she did it, and she's not going to sit there and let some upstart take it away from her. So if she has to do something about the Michigan delegates and the Florida delegates, she will.

Hubris? Blowhard, on-air narcissicm? Or the most interesting aspect to this election that the media desperately ignores at their peril--or at any rate conceals behind a more tepidly-layered journaistic language that attempts to elucidate the vageries of the delegate system?

Peggy Noonan seems to think the potential for "ugly" could put her in contention for the Rasputin Olympic Gold:

Prince Yusupov served him cupcakes laced with cyanide, emptied a revolver, clubbed him, tied him up and threw him in a frozen river. When he floated to the surface they found he'd tried to claw his way from under the ice. That is how reporters see Hillary.

Now it looks like even those normally poised to torpedo the conservative wing of the Republican party may be scabbording up to behead the Hydra; warning shots going out over the bow even now.

I kid you not. Despite the fact that the presumed nominee for my side is that apalling John McCain, I haven't checked out in the least. Not when the potential UFC-quality theatrics are waiting outside the doors of the Democratic National Convention.

And call me a polemic, but I can only hope the Clinton machine blatantly steals an election from a guy who, despite his ridiculouly vacant ideology, is at least classy in his neo-marxist deliveries.

Grab some popcorn and sit back. This could get really good. And fast.


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aahrens said...

I can't believe I'm rooting for McCain, but here goes. I greatly fear what will happen to this country, especially the judicial system if either dem gets in. Sure would like to be a fly on the wall in Hillary's campaign office - bet we'd hear some pretty colorful things.