Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Foundations-A Summer Bible College for Secular College Students

It is felt one main reason many UPCI young people do not attend Bible College is the perceived need for the students to pursue a marketable degree to enable them to compete in the corporate world and everyday society. However, it is vitally important that the students also have a Biblical foundation on which they build their lives. Many do not have this opportunity. In answer to this problem Foundations, a summer Bible College is being offered primarily for secular college students. This will give the students a foundation to withstand the atheistic teaching many are encountering, win other college students to the Lord, and prepare them for a life time of service to the Lord even if they never enter the ministry.


This summer Bible College will be an intense study of the Word. The students will take classes both in the morning and the afternoon. Only those who are recommended by their pastor and are committed should apply.   Courses offered will include such topics as Basic Bible Doctrines, Hermeneutics, and Creation. They will be taught by some of the most seasoned Bible Teachers in the UPC, namely James Merrick, Kelsey Griffin, Sidney Poe, Daniel Flemming and Arlo Moehlenpah. Foundations will be hosted by the Apostolic Bible Institute in St. Paul , MN June 16 - July 25. The total cost for the twelve credits of instruction will be about $1600 (cost does not include transportation). For more details on this program please visit Foundations’ web site.


John said...

First of all, good idea. But I must say "the atheistic teaching" what are you talking about? I spent 4 years at a state school and now in year 3 of a PhD and I never saw atheistic teaching. Few if any professors tried to push off their personal beliefs on their students. I must ask though, why are our Bible schools not accredited? If the schools were accredited then students could spend their freshman year taking a few of their general classes at the bible school as well as a few theological classes and thin transfer to a university to finish their digrey.

aahrens said...

Thought I'd encourage you by letting you know that Gateway College of Evangelism in St. Louis is very much in the thick of the accreditation process. And yes, we're getting accredited for the very reason you state. And if we offer the degree you want, you will be able to finish the entire degree here without the need to transfer.

Ann (instructor at Gateway)