Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't Be Nice, It Might Get You Arrested!

That's what this man in Miami found out recently.  The 78-year-old was at the store when a woman approached him asking for a ride.  He told her if she was still there when he was done shopping he would be happy to help her out.  He finished shopping then gave her a ride home.  Once he dropped her off he was swarmed by the police, given a fine and had his car impounded.  His crime?  Operating an illegal taxi service. 


The woman, it turned out, was working undercover for the consumer services department.  It was a sting operation.  Unfortunately, this old-school gentleman mistook this opportunity to commit a crime as an opportunity to do a good deed and help someone with a genuine need. 


Is our legal system a little backward or what?


Josh R


Ron Giesecke said...

Too bad for that guy that he wasn't an illegal alien.


RockNaHardplace said...

When I saw the state I wasn't surprised one bit. I've dealt with them before.

If you are a criminal you can advance pretty quickly though....