Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Subway Also Likely To Start Touting Weight-Loss Results With People Who Were Already Skinny

If you hadn't already read this at The Apostolic Report, you'll most likely hear about it anyway eventually. Subway Sandwiches is soliciting the writing skills of students nationwide, utilizing one of their "Story Starters." Amongst the viable participants? All students, pre-K thru 6th grade.

Oh yeah. Except for the dread homeschooler:

Now of course, being the parent of two homeschooled little girls, I could easily get all bent out of shape over something this overt. But actually, I tend to fall into a somewhat empathetic tone with a comparatively critical moon rising. My guess is, the corporate sandwich behemoth has strong ties to the teacher's unions, who are, as a union, no way inclined to concede a single inch to homeschooling.

Also, being that a homeschooler managed to walk away with the Heisman Trophy this year, and considering that homeschoolers continue to rout the national spelling bees, it's no wonder that these contests are starting to be exclusionary. Jesse Owens was a tough pill to swallow at the 1936 summer Olympics for some, too. And we know how his opponents tried to level the playing field.


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Don Ryan said...

My guess the $5000 in athletic equipment would be a little much even for the most active home school kids.