Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maybe Blending Isn't Your Thing...

...try this story for warm fuzzies.


These two New Zealanders were flying their microlight airplane when they ran out of gas.  In an airplane, that's kind of a big deal.  They were approaching a ridge and could not tell whether there would be any place to land even if they made it over the ridge.  They began to pray that God would allow them to make it over the ridge and that they would find a place to land that was not too steep, and that would allow them to avoid ditching in the ocean.


They were able to coax the plane over the ridge, but just barely.  Desperately searching for a place to land, they immediately spotted a small airfield that neither of them ever knew was there.  Thanking God, they made their landing safely and taxied to the end of the runway.  Pulling to a stop, they turned and noticed a large 20 foot tall sign that said...


Jesus Is Lord.


Josh R

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