Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kennedy's Winter

One would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn't heard that Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy has been given a rather bleak prognosis: that his seizure from few days ago has been spawned by what has been at least tentatively deemed an inoperable brain tumor.

Things like this make one (or at any rate, me) take pause, and ponder the big picture; does a man whose life has literally been engulfed by a never-ending string of Greek tragedies and unrequited sins ever contemplate eternity? Do his liturgical roots provide him any comfort in times like these?

I for one pray that the Senator uses his remaining days seeking the face of God, and not whittling them away in the futile venture of thrashing out "one last piece of legislation" in the name of serving his country--something that nearly always rings hollow outside the matrix of screen plays, mini-series', and Nicholas Sparks novels.

My the Lord be with him and his family.


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aahrens said...

I can add nothing to your post except, "agreed."