Saturday, June 07, 2008

Big Brown Comes In Dead Last In Bid For Triple Crown

I meant to post this yesterday.

Reminds me that even if I didn't have spiritual roadbumps to the gambling spectre, that I'd have them because of this:

NEW YORK (AP) - When Big Brown turned for home, something wasn't right.

Triple CrownJockey Kent Desormeaux knew the big bay colt was finished. Trainer Rick Dutrow Jr., who guaranteed racing's first Triple Crown in 30 years, knew it then, too.

Big Brown straggled home last Saturday, losing the Belmont Stakes to 38-1 long shot Da' Tara. Eased up in the homestretch, he was so far behind at the end that his margin of defeat wasn't even charted.

My theory is they ran all the good juice out of that poor horse. Sadly though, the first thought that came to my mind was all the money lost by those hedging for at least a photo-finish second place.

Of course this poor guy has to be in a bad way. How depressed must you be to throw your hands up and "get out of" pigeon racing?


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aahrens said...

Sometimes I just have to wonder if these horses know more than we think - like they are getting the last laugh on us after all! :) Talked to my mother a lot about this one - they had horses when she was a child and she swears they just weren't meant to do this. Who knows - but I wonder if there isn't something to her theory since it seems the triple crown is all but impossible.

Just wondering....

I agree with you on the gambling part...