Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Britannica Surrenders To Wikipedia Model

Via Bill Bradley's Weblog:

I think we can post this one under 'it was always going to happen'. According to the britannicanet site Encyclopaedia Britannica is about to launch a new initiative. Expert contributors and readers will be able to supplement the content with their own information. Apparently "the result will be a place with broader and more relevant coverage for information seekers and a welcoming community for scholars, experts, and lay contributors."

You can possibly chalk this up to the overused bromide, "information wants to be free," to an actual materialization of the phrase. While it is arguable that your average, vertical, sentient, anthropological specimen is any smarter than those that preceded our information age, it is true that the river of information practically nullifies the binding, glue, and paper.

Another sea change in information.


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