Monday, June 09, 2008

Christianity & Football

Big NFL fan. Not a NY Giants fan at all. Luckily for them, they were playing Satan's team, so I was rooting for them in January's Super Bowl. Lucky for me, David Tyree made one of the greatest plays ever (yes he caught the ball on his helmet w/out touching the ground) and the Giants won in the final minute.

Naturally, being from NY, publishers think everyone will want to read about him so Tyree has an autobiography coming out this fall. Happily, he's a Christian. So was Rodney Harrison, the man he beat for the catch. Harrison even wrote one of the forwards to the book. Wow!

Says Sports Illustrated:

"When you lose, Harrison said via text message Sunday, learn from it, congratulate [the opponent] and move forward. They won. They beat us. It's part of the deal. God has blessed me through the whole ordeal. I think the message of faith, belief and trust in God needed to be heard. That's why I did it."

Read it all here, under the Factoid headline.

P.S. I'm kidding about that Satan's team crack. Barely.

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