Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Miami Trumps California's Gay Marriage Anvil By Deputizing Future Islamic Overlords

I'm many times accused of hyperbole, steroidal proclamations, and colorful embroidering. And maybe I do sometimes push the descriptive gas pedal a little too far now and then.

In this case, I wish I was. Miami, plagued by crime, drugs, and an out-of-control homocide rate, have arrived at the same conclusion any rational, thinking person would come to: Allow a subsidiary organization that shares a mailbox with Louis Farrakhan to run the police force:

MIAMI — Controversy is growing in Miami over the city's decision to launch a nearly $1 million crime-fighting initiative that will include street patrols by a group with close ties to the Nation of Islam.

The City of Miami says it plans to give $150,000 to a civilian patrol group known as the Peacemakers, to be run by the Progressive Land Development International, an organization that shares a mailing address with the Nation of Islam in Miami.

At least one person is speaking up:

But not everyone thinks having a group tied to the Nation of Islam patrolling the neighborhood is a good idea.

Andrew Rosenkranz, the Anti Defamation League's Florida Regional Director, said the Nation of Islam has "a well-documented, irrefutable public record of racism, bigotry and anti-Semitism." He said the city had chosen an unlikely group to teach tolerance and civil behavior.

And of course, we all know how far a guy with the name "Rosenkranz" will get criticizing the dubious motivations of the Most Peaceful Religion On The Planet.

Looks like it's a good day for the Nation of Islam all around.


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