Monday, December 08, 2008

The Bible Illuminated

Even for people who don't believe in it, the Bible is a very important part of Western society.  Unfortunately, too many people in our society do very little reading outside of Vogue and Cosmo.  Trying to convince them to take a serious look at the Bible is similar to trying to convince them to let you practice your dental skills on them.  In an effort to change that, Dag Soderberg is publishing a repackaged version of God's Word in the format of popular magazines.  And it seems to be working.  In Sweden, where Bible Illuminated: The Book was originally published, there was a nearly 50% rise in the sale of Bibles following its release!


Dag Soderberg has decided to repackage the bible in the style of Vogue


Featuring captivating images that resonate with many postmoderns, Soderberg's coffee table book demands attention from even the most ardent atheist.  Angelina Jolie, Bono, Ghandi, and other familiar faces make the reader feel as if they are nestled snugly within pop culture, even while they are being exposed to timeless truths from the Word of God. 


Soderberg, himself, is not particularly religious, but he does hold a deep respect for the Bible and wanted to make it more accessible to others.  He wanted "to make a version of the Bible that people want to pick up, instead of hide away or just place on a bookshelf."


"Most people have issues with the Bible," he explains.  "They have never gotten into it.  They don't find it accessible.  But it's our history, our heritage.  And for most of us, we relate to it more than we think.  Religious or not, it shapes much of our moral codes."


I can't wait to put one on my coffee table and see what kinds of conversations it sparks with my non-Christian friends.


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