Sunday, December 14, 2008

Iraqi Correspondent Auditions For Keith Olberman's Show

By now, you've at least heard about this. Not one, but two shots from the Bruno Magli gallery in the Baghdad press pool. Two things to note, one is the cat-like duck Bush does to avoid the first ordinance, which the MSNBC correspondent on the video says "sailed right over his head," and the fact that Maliki gets props for the attempted block on the second one. Gotta love the way he just carries on. I couldn't say I'd do the same, but kudos to President Bush for taking it all in stride.



aahrens said...

Love it when he waves off the secret service guy. Like him or not, he handled that pretty well.


Marjorie said...

Hey just wondering where the post about Rick Warren is. Curious how you are responding to this...