Sunday, December 07, 2008

Just Try . . .

. . . watching this without being profoundly moved. Perhaps it's just me, being the daddy to little girls:

Naw. It's not just me.



Yokota Fritz said...

My earliest memory is of my dad coming home from Vietnam. I have a lot of family and in-laws either now in the military or working with the military, including both of my brothers who served in the Middle East and my mother-in-law who arranges housing for soldiers at Ft Carson.

My dad served two (discontiguous) six month tours. These 15 month tours we're committing our soldiers and airmen to now are insane. Pray for them and their families.

chantell said...

Awwww! For once, I agree with you. :-)

aahrens said...

No, Ron, it's not just you. That just tears me up and I don't even have kids. What a beautiful thing -a little girl and her daddy.