Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April Sadness Follows March Madness

So yeah, I didn't do so well in my brackets this year.

I ranked 27 out of 33 at work. 13 out of 15 in the 90&9 brackets (Who said this would be fun?!?), and then the hated (& perennially overrated) North Carolina Tar Heels won it all last night. Life just isn't fair.

Still, to give honor where honor is due . . .

90&9's Top 10 in 2009

1. RJ Aycock (who can be found at Notes, & picked the Tar Heels to win it all)
2. Kenny Chessor
3. Shirley McDonald (of the 90&9 staff)
4. Jaime McDonald (remember that last name)
5. David Bunch (who can be found at Collideoscope)

6. Nita Curry (who picked Michigan State to win it all. I actually laughed at her about that.)
7. Bobby McDonald (Shirley's one and only)
8. Bradley McDonald (the rabid sports fan who hereafter will be entitled "Jaime's husband")
9. Marsupial Jones (who picked God's team--the Mizzou Tigers--to win it all)
10. Josh Lewis (of the 90&9 staff)

*SIGH* Even my 11 year-old ranked higher than me.

Stupid brackets.

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