Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jars of Clay: The Long Fall Back to Earth

Jars of Clay released their new record on Tuesday, and I hurried down to the local Best Buy and got my copy. I was not disappointed.

The guys continue to amaze me at how far they can stretch artistically. The lyrics are the usual solid, introspective themes that we've come to expect from the Christian-yet-relevant band, but the sound is (for the most part) new. While unlike any project to date, there are some echoes of the Christmas album released in 2007, which is to say the music is full of electronica/synth/hint of 80s - a far cry from the acoustic folk sounds of their beginnings.

But it works and after the first listen through you'll hear these songs like the voices of old friends telling new stories.

At a time when there are many bands that should have stopped making music a long time ago, Jars of Clay's latest offering has me hoping they still have many more songs left to share.

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