Thursday, April 09, 2009

Don't Bother Me With Hostage Situations, I've Got An Economy To Nationalize

It has become clear that when President Obama wants to take over an entire sector of the economy, that he has no problem talking down, maligning and castigating the sector he wants to take over. This--all easily mitigated and driven by that ever-ubiquitous Linus Blanket of rhetoric: the teleprompter. Even to the point of endangering the lives of people who don't hold a candle to the malignant corruption in Congress.

We're not even 100 days into the new administration and we're already being punked in a fashion commensurate with Jimmy Carter's 444-day waiting period on hostage negotiations. Americans are being held by Somali extremist pirates. Yet, Mr. Obama's only real response is that he is "studying" the situation. And by that I mean, possibly studying how to take over the shipping industry after this little "irritation" and "delay in tax-hikes" passes.

Time to ditch the teleprompter, Mr. President. Time to shake yourself of your press-clippings-related trance and say something--anything--about the fact that yet another "aberrant" sector of the only religious contingent you've given any respect to are ready to kill Americans. Your public refusal to do so says much.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the Captain of the seized ship gave himself over to save the rest of the crew. Maybe after "studying" the situation? Or perhaps doing what a leader was put in place to do.

I know one thing. The president has certainly wasted no time in "studying" how to disarm our airline pilots, giving terrorists--or as they are labeled now--overseas contingency agents--zero resistance against another September 11th.

Here's the memo, sir. We're the good guys. They're the bad guys. It's your job to act accordingly. Any refusal to say anything less and you are nearly guaranteed a single term.


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