Monday, April 27, 2009

Perez Hilton And His Cowardly Sisterhood Of Traveling Two-Faces

Andrew Breitbart knocks this one out of the park. I don't know about anyone else, but I just don't have what it takes to cower under a table with this issue. How in the world Miss California's answer to the overtly-homosexual Perez Hilton's question became the issue instead of the vulgar, hateful, nasty tantrum from the effeminate diva, I have no idea. But Brietbart seems to to think maybe the gays are getting to play their queen's gambit en passant, as it were:

On display at the Miss USA event was the activist left's pageant of selective bullying, a concerted strategy to go after low-hanging fruit like Mormons. But the left leaves off its hit list members in good standing of its normal coalition - its "rainbow"coalition. In California, one of the gayest places on the map, blacks and Hispanics - who disproportionately disapprove of same-sex marriage - get a stunning pass from outraged proponents of gay marriage.

Since 9/11, the highly organized gay left has also been deafeningly silent on Islam's anti-modern approach to homosexuality - let alone same-sex unions. The mullahs in Iran somehow get a major pass while the director of the California Musical Theatre in Sacramento is targeted for ruin. This contradiction is not subtle. Indeed, it's obvious and pathetic.

Let's not forget, Perez Hilton went on MSNBC, and retracted a previous apology for calling her a demeaning pejorative we all know that starts with the letter "B," only to upgrade it to the even-taboo-by-the-standards-of-most--malevolent moniker that starts with "C."

Man. All for simply taking the same position on marriage President Obama took not too long ago. I'll bet he hasn't sustained veiled death threats from British governmental officials. Nor should he.

Had a heterosexual man with converse politics made this same statement, he would be finished. Forever. Chances are, Hilton's career will only be enhanced.

And thus, the continued cosmic battle for the soul of the country, and for mankind as well.


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aahrens said...

Wow Ron - as usual you say it all here. I have nothing to add but a hearty "amen."