Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Well, the NCAA tourny is over, and I came in at a modest 5th place in the 90&9 bracket. But I have to tell you a secret about Bradely. He may have come in 10th in our bracket, but he fills out 1,897,000 other brackets so that every possible combination of wins/losses is covered. He's secretly rejoicing because somewhere out there, he has won!

And here's a note from the Apostolic Report about a fan who had a sign reading "John 3:16". It was promptly taken away by security. The Apostolic Report links to video footage of the incident.

In fairness, it is also being reported that large signs are not allowed at NCAA sporting events.


Ron Giesecke said...

It was actually "ripped out of the hand of" the person holding it with no warning. Which I guess fits "promptly taken away" if one also figures John the Baptist was "promptly releived of the weight on his shoulders."


ShirleyMc said...

It is really good to have you back on the blog, Dave! Love your posts.

And Jaime and I didn't brag TOOOO very much about beating you, Bobby, and Bradley in the March Madness bracket...maybe y'all should try my strategy next year...