Monday, May 25, 2009

I Am Not a Preacher!

(From the 90&9 Cover Story)

A good teacher understands the value of a good curriculum. Good curriculum makes a good teacher’s job easier and more rewarding. The teacher’s job is to relay Scripture to the student in a way that will be unforgettable. Curriculum is the solid foundation they will modify and enhance for their class. A bad teacher does not know how to relate the material from a good curriculum in a relevant manner, so often makes up their own lessons that don’t fill the allotted class time. A preacher does not like any curriculum because they believe it quenches their freedom to hear from the Holy Spirit.

We want to hear your thoughts on the difference between preaching and teaching and their respective impacts on believers and unbelievers! Comment now!


Anonymous said...

Whoa...this was right on time. This was a great revelation to me, since my gift is teaching. Keep writing, and teaching as you just did.

Anonymous said...

Great piece; however, most preachers' effectivness would greatly improve with enough "teacher" gifts to make their sermons live out in someone said, "put clothes on Jesus and walk Him down the street. On the other hand, most teachers only appeal to the cognitive, behavioral or rational side. They need relational hermeneutics instead.

Martin Schmaltz said...

Great teaching. For too long, Christianity has focused emphasized the gifting of pastor over any of the other gifts. This is like focusing only on the heart of the human body and ignoring the care of other organs.

Not only in Ephesians does God give us a 5/4 fold gifting, in 1 Cor. 12:28 he gives us a governing structure that includes the teacher.

When we come to a holistic approach to the body, allowing each gift to operate as He designed it, we will find a greater demonstration of His image and power in our assemblies and lives personally.

Once again, good teaching.

Anne said...

Whether a teacher or a preacher, you are first a student to yourself.
I liked what this article had to say. I identify with the teacher aspect and thought it was very well defined.

LEONARD said...

Leonard P said ... Great insight and article. I hope to read a lot more from this Brother

brian said...
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brian said...

In my experience, some great men of God have alot of wisdom to impart but may not be the best teachers. This was the case with my first beloved Pastor. He tended to jump around a bit. However, the wisdom that he shared still rings in my ears some 20 yrs later.