Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twitter = Wiki-Spam?

For all three of you out there who have not jumped on the Twitter bandwagon at least once (it's ok, I'm number four), Adam Sternbergh has an interesting article on its popularity and inevitable demise.  He quotes Nielsen in reporting that 60% of first-time Tweeters fail to return the following month.  Those who do seem to enjoy Twitter are people who "think that (a) their every stray thought is publishable poetry and (b) it’s crucial to constantly insert their name—their brand—into the conversation."  Most others, after using it, feel that the Twitter concept is "less like a communications breakthrough than a form of torture devised by Philip K. Dick."  His final analysis is that Twitter is nothing more than the newest tool to advertise your product to the public, whether that product is your newest book, or yourself.  In other words, spam.


Hmmm... guess I don't really need to see what all the fuss is about then.


josh r

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