Monday, May 18, 2009

Tackling Terrifying Topics (90&9 Cover)

(From the 90&9 Cover)

“Never discuss politics or religion.”

This advice is imparted on a regular basis with the implication that failure to heed this time-tested rule in any relationship may result in hard feelings and loss of friendship between the participants. We threw out the rulebook a couple Wednesday nights ago at Abundant Life Church and kicked off a series entitled, “Sects, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll,” with a discussion of the church’s role in politics.

What would you have said on the panel? Comment here.


rachael.k.hartman said...

I was completely impressed by the idea of a panel discussion at church with lay ministers. I applaud the pastor who lead and moderated this discussion! Not many pastors would be that brave to allow open discussion on such topics!

I also applaud the church itself for being open to discussing differing opinions. I think it is great that everyone felt comfortable to speak their mind and present logical arguments.

I've never heard the thought that the idea of life beginning at conception was not completely backed Biblically... I thought it was an interesting perspective and something to think about, especially when trying to understand other's views. I don't agree with the idea, however. It was kind of a stretch in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing this experience with us. I believe that open discussions like this would bring a lot of depth to our churches and would be a drawing point for the intellectuals of our communities.

Hyacinth Baker said...

I defend modesty among our Apostolic people male and female

Elise said...

I am definitely of the belief that modesty is underrated for it's effectiveness in helping us abstain from lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, and the pride of life!! Go modesty!! (Both of body, and of spirit.) Additionally, in the Bible, immodesty (taking off ones clothes, showing one's nakedness) is closely associated with demonic activity.