Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Is Church Too Girly?


Ok, maybe it's a British thing... After all, I don't recall ever seeing a church decorated with flowers and embroidered banners.  Maybe an understated arrangement in front of the pulpit, but embroidered banners?  No wonder an online survey of readers of the UK men's magazine Sorted showed that men would like church to be more manly.  "Sentimental lovey dovey songs," dancing in church, hugging, holding hands, and sitting in circles were also on the list of things the men felt uncomfortable with.   Put all of that together, and it sounds like a pretty feminine church. 


So what would a "manly" church look like?  Respondents suggested "proper, macho hymns" and doing more stuff together.  It should feel more like "the football (soccer) terraces" than "Laura Ashley showrooms." 


I guess the long-haired hippie version of Jesus doesn't help very much either.


josh r

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