Thursday, August 06, 2009

AP Outfit Royal Tailor Band

Last month at Louisiana Camp Meeting my brother and his friend Aaron Kelly opened for an outfit I'd never heard of called Royal Tailor Band. Despite my greatest intentions of getting to the show, I never made it. Something about two small children under the age of 4 and night time after 10 pm...anyways....
My brother came back telling me what a great band RTB are. So I checked them out on their myspace page, and wow.....they are the real deal.

Offering up multi-layered sounds with a hint of disco and a splash of electronica (think Mutemath but not quite so crazy), these guys are an Apostolic band with a totally fresh sound - by Apostolic standards or any other.
And it sounds like the guys have the right approach to music ministry. Here is an excerpt from their myspace page:
Royal Tailor was formed out of a desire to see students begin to take pride
in their identity as Christians and to reach to the hearts of those distant from
relationship with Christ...the goal of RTB is not to gain notoriety, but to see
a tangible difference in the lives of every student their music has the chance
to touch. ..
According to their Facebook page, the gig at NAYC was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict. Any tweeters or bloggers out there have a scoop? Any chance of a surprise, last minute show?

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Think Maroon 5.