Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Post-Modernism: Friend or Enemy

I am sitting here in my biblical hermeneutics class and the topic that is currently on the table is how to witness to a post-modern world. One of the slides that my teacher Bro. Norris has up is the good/bad of my post-modern generation. The list very much intrigued me, and I will present here:

  • No One Expects you to know every thing
  • Being Authentic and self-deprecating works
  • Shorter Sermons are effective
  • No One expects you to know everything
  • ONLY being authentic and self deprecating works (pride is sniffed out and loathed from a mile away).
  • Pretty much only shorter sermons are effective.

While this list seems simple enough, I love how "relevant" it is....Does anyone else have anything to add to this list?


Anonymous said...

A proud cluelessness about history? (Which precludes it having any bearing on their thoughts & actions.)

John said...

Sounds like the bar has been raised and we can no longer get by with what we used to. We are followers of Christ so we always should have been humble. And one of the best preachers I have head makes her point in 15 minutes and I still remember every sermon I have heard from her. Sermons never needed to be 2 hours long the preacher could just get away with it in the past.