Monday, August 10, 2009

Spirit Filled Snow Patrol?

When we were in Northern Ireland last year, we were privileged to meet a wonderful couple who until recently were pastors of a Spirit filled church in Belfast. It turns out that their son is the lead guitarist for Snow Patrol. It was very interesting to hear them talk about what it was like to have a twenty something famous son. For example, they may be at a restaurant and their son will suddenly appear on the t.v. screen (giving an interview, music video, etc.). Or maybe their son will be in for a visit and they'll go to the grocery and then suddenly be surrounded by young girls who recognize him.

I've been following Snow Patrol with interest since that meeting and noted that they are the opening act for U2's European tour.

So it was with interest and reflection on the Spirit filled angle that I read this posting from one of the Snow Patrol Band members. This is from Friday and you can read the entire post here.

I have never in my life seen a crowd reaction like that of Katowice last night. Right from opener Breathe there was a daft magic in the air. Insanity everywhere you looked. People's faces clothed in the kind of joy I've only seen in gospel churches and then only on the TV so to see this religious fervour up close was overwhelming.

By the end even Bono was speechless, for a few seconds anyway. The things he said next are lost to me verbatim but what I won't forget is the tears that came to me then. In floods. And when I turned to check if anyone had snared me for blubbing I realised that every single person around me also had tears in their eyes. We were sharing something that simply never happens at rock shows anywhere. A collective emotional and spiritual surrender of epic proportions. This was majesty and tenderness married and that is a rare thing indeed.

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