Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Newsboys Minus Furler Plus Tait

So let's see. Newsboys release new record, Peter Furler announces he's quitting, Michael Tait announces he's joining for live tour. Unless the live show comes anywhere near you and you have tickets, you have no idea what the Newsboys sound like sans Furler.

Until now.

Thanks to Jesus Freak Hideout for prompting me to follow this link to hear the new single with Michael Tait and the Newsboys-sans-Furler.

It sounds like....Michael Tait singing with the Newsboys. Wow, shocker.

I think I like it, mainly because it is great to hear something new from Michael Tait. It's been a while. I also like his voice combined with the slight techno feel that the Newsboys serve up (at least on this song).

Let's hope the formula continues to work.

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