Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bono Surrenders

Bono has uttered another "possibly spiritual" phrase on stage during the current 360 World Tour.

Steve Stockman gives this excellent review of the Dublin show last week, and mentions that at one point Bono screams out "I Surrender," a statement that Stockman says was aimed at God.

Nearing the end of Magnificent the fourth song in a row from the new album No Line On The Horizon, Bono stand arms open and declares “I surrender.” It is a surrendering to his God; it is a surrendering to the people (the fans) whose hard earned money put him on this stage, in one of the biggest stadiums in Europe, literally one or two miles from where he grew up; it is a surrendering to his place in the world, where with three chords and the truth, as he once said, he could meet some of the world’s deepest hunger.

It seems that Bono is always saying something that someone wants to use to identify him as the Lord's servant, and I'll leave all of that to the talking heads. I do think this is noteworthy because as you can see from the pictures and videos of the shows at U2's website, these guys are truly a force of nature that the has the attention of the entire world. And if they are somewhere in the general direction of something positive and true, certainly couldn't hurt.

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