Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Okay, Now I Am Offically Creeped Out

Chances are, if you've already seen this elsewhere, you've already seen the word "creepy" attached to it.

Once again, the vehicle of worship and adoration that should be reserved for a God that will not exactly be treated with deference if they get their way has been out and out commandeered. And the blatant use of children (who fortunately managed to sneak past the Family Planning quotas) to propagate a messianic tone? Sickening.

Watch at your own, Guyana/V-For Vendetta/Soylent Green/all-that-is-missing-is Rembrandt-Lighting peril.

One interesting note as well. Please note the day of the week in which this was shot, as noted by the text at the beginning. How fitting.


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Kris Newman said...

that's a really interesting video. brings up all kinds of questions like . . . what changes do these children need to see that Obama has promised? how many of them will be old enough to vote if/when Obama gets into office? they couldn't even vote the next potential election that Obama could be on a ticket. interesting. very interesting.