Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Your Political Beliefs (Mathematically Speaking)

Okay, here's a fun "political beliefs" quiz (40 questions, about 4 mins max) on political beliefs that will give you some interesting responses to what your "true" political responses are socially & economically. It was designed by mathematicians & appears to be quite accurate, judging by the analysis on me and a friend.

Yes, it doesn't quite give you every option you want for every question & yes there are caveats to certain questions, but it's a quiz!

Find out if you're a "Capitalist," "Centrist" -> John McCain, "Liberatarian," "Fascist," or "Socialist -> Barack Obama. (Presidential candidates as defined by this quiz, which is also interesting.)

So go take it & let me know what you are. Me? I'm a "Centrist" (which must be why I upset so many people in so many ways! :)

BTW, Phillip Hampton, our original blogger (and an original staffer), is going to take a spin on "Month in the Life" to cover the last 4 weeks of the election. Go check him out, won't you?


cara said...

i took something like this a while back and i was a centrist as well.

fun stuff!

chantell said...

I just took it and my suspicions have been confirmed. I'm best described as a Democrat. Who knew?

aahrens said...

I'm a centerist - but don't tend to make people mad :)