Thursday, September 11, 2008

Talking in Tongues Political Cartoon

If you haven't seen the Washington Post cartoon yet about us benighted believers, then here it is.

Phoebe's Blog has a Scriptural response that's worth reading. (She was also the first to flag us on this one.

In the meantime, remember that the point of political cartoons is to provoke thought. This appears to be outright ridicule.

Just remember we're not to respond as the Muslims did about the Danish editorial cartoons of Mohammed, but to turn the other cheek and pray for others. You can send your well-worded, compassionate-but-forceful comments of disappointment to or

Got any thoughts on the matter?


Ron Giesecke said...

Great point. The very reason that this cartoonist feels comfortable enough to print this only validates the God I serve. Anyone reacting violently to this would be an outlier.

Still, I'd rather the ignorant make fun of tongues, than seeing the Kings of Leon and Toni Braxton do it.


aahrens said...

Further proof that journalists are really politicians in disguise.

Ditto on Ron's comment.

Bholiman said...

Arrrg! When will they learn? Persecution only serves to unite those persecuted. The Romans learned this the hard way as has every government that used the its power to subjugate, ridicule or otherwise oppress certain peoples or religions.

We the persecuted and maligned should respond with prayer (perhaps speak in tongues a little more?) for our nation and leaders. Ours is not a physical fight or even a political one, it is and always has beens a spiritual fight that manifests in the physical.

Engaging in a battle with fools only makes fools out of us. Therefore, more time in the prayer closets means less time tilting at windmills.

Brian Holiman