Monday, September 22, 2008

What Do You Want To Do Today Brain? The Same Thing We Do Every Day Pinky...


This week it was announced that pornography is no longer the king of the internet.  Social networking sites have taken the top spot as Facebook and My Space become the way to stay connected, get connected, or reconnect with friends all over the world.  Analysts indicate that this reflects a major shift in the way we are communicating as a society.  But it's not just an American phenomenon.  Really, social networking sites have become popular all over the world.  Countries as diverse as Sweden, Korea, Australia, Turkey, Colombia, South Africa, and India are all finding web-based friends.  Facebook is leading the way in the global market with tools that allow users to translate their sites while others like My Space have to create a local version of the site in each new market.  It appears the internet is undergoing a change from primarily being used for entertainment purposes to becoming an important form of communication and a major piece of our lives, not to mention actually bringing a small sense of unity to this diverse planet of ours.


Josh R

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