Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jonny Lang: Three Blocks From My Front Door

This would actually make the fifth time I've seen him perform on the Turn Around tour, to include San Francisco, Oroville, Fresno, and twice in my hometown now (Redding, Ca.). I've met him at all venues except Fresno, which was the one time I took Emma, my little birthday girl, as a present. When Jonny's manager realized a little apostolic girl had attended the concert and missed him before he was spirited away in a Chevy truck, he promised me that if I ever got her back to a concert, that he'd make it happen.

A year later, I got him to fulill that promise. Both girls got to sit for the entire soundcheck (up in the balcony, watching from above) and then ultimately meet him. Clara (the one on the left in this pic) ran out of the theater shouting "I have Jonny Lang's smell on me!" (methinks she has a crush).

Concert was off the hook, and first time I ever wrote about Jonny's performances can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for you & the girls! Talk about luck! I've only seen him live twice, but both were electrifying!