Monday, July 13, 2009

Love & Cannonballs

Wish you had more time to read? Ever glance at some monster title that everyone praises or Oprah recommends and think: 'I'll bet it's good, but when would I ever finish it?'

Well, Abebooks has compiled a short summary of some of the world's longest novels, as well as pithy Twitter summaries! Which will suffice until you make it to heaven, I suppose. (I’ve only read 2 and probably will only try 1-2 others on this list within my lifetime)

Here's War & Peace:
Twitter Description - Napoleon & Co invade Russia but that's the least of the problems for five posh Russian families. Love and cannonballs. Much war, little peace.

It's great fun.

Take 2 minutes and you'll get the scoop on 15 of the longest books in existence.

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John said...

Neat but after reading Fahrenheit 451 a little creepy.