Wednesday, July 15, 2009

“Twitter is for old people”

A 15 year-old releases a report on technology use among teens via Morgan Stanley. No shocks, but many nuggets of insight.

“I texted a few friends to get ideas,” he said. He believes his report represents the collective wisdom of about 300 teenagers.

Teenagers do not listen to the radio, he wrote, preferring online streaming sites, nor do they ever buy music. Games consoles “now... connect to the internet, voice chat is possible between users... one can speak for free over the console so a teenager would be unwilling to use a phone,” he wrote.

He told The Times that at home he usually communicates with his male friends while blowing up terrorists on the action game Call of Duty. “You use a mobile phone if you want to talk to girls,” he said, as “only about one in fifty girls plays computer games.”

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