Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Play Straw Man Bingo

Quite frankly, I've hesitated posting about President Obama's nearly unfettered takeover of the private sector, via threats, Chicago convincers, and the inherent opaque cloud of cover provided by the honeymoon period almost all presidents acquire at the beginning of their term.

But the sheer disregard for the constitution by this man makes me sick. Whether it be his implications that he will simply ignore the provisions he doesn't like in a congressional bill, his "hey, that's a nice life you have, it'd sure be a shame if something happened to it" dialogue with bankers and automotive industry ceo's, or his panicked and breathless screaming about the need to shackle 15% of the entire US economy with government run health care, it's all rather disgusting.

So when America woke up and figured out the President and the Congress tripled the US deficit with a single swipe of the the pen, they began to think that maybe the world's greatest sham for democratic hegemony via pork spending might replay itself with another trillion--with socialized medicine and bureaucratic medical decisions that nearly always result in somebody's preventable death.

This bothers Mr. Obama, who believes that, simply because "I won," he gets to have his collective way with Lady Liberty. Not so fast, sir. The country is on to you.

Such is why he is taking to the airwaves in a little bit (MSNBC, the great journalistic haven that brought you that imbecilic boiling-down of pseudo-ivy-league hacks, Keith Olberman) to try to convince us all that, if we do not allow the incompetent, bloated, and reckless nanny-state to handle our health needs, that we are all going to die.

So, to keep it real, Jim Geraghty has posted "Straw Man Bingo." Watch Mr. Obama's presser, and see just how many existential demoniacs he casts from his self-designed Gadarenes. Cross them off as he mutters them out of his ever-ubiquitous-and-borderline-Linus-blanket teleprompter. First one to yell bingo gets to pick their own doctor and not pay for someone else's abortion.

As I said before, there's a time for respect, and there's a time to start the process of high mockery. This is such a time. Oh, and according to excerpts released by the White House a while ago, you can already put your little chip on the"let me be clear" square. Wouldn't be surprised if he eclipses the whole board. I mean, according to him, opposition to socialized medicine is an attempt to "destroy my presidency."

I wonder if the waaaaaaaaambulance is covered in the health care bill?

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