Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marriage & Divorce: Smoking Matters

A new study on Marriage and divorce offers some fascinating facts after following 2,500 couples over six years. There’s nothing about religion being a factor either way (which may indicate the academic’s bias), but smoking is. So are *gasp* finances! It’s also no surprise that:

“ . . . partners who are on their second or third marriage are 90 percent more likely to separate than spouses who are both in their first marriage.”

“ . . . with one-fifth of couples who have kids before marriage -- either from a previous relationship or in the same relationship -- having separated compared to just nine percent of couples without children born before marriage.”

One of the great lies in Western Society is that the divorce rate is at 50%. The divorce rate is not at 50% and never has been.

It can’t be among married couples. It can be with multiple repeaters, who drive the number absurdly high. Take out the Elizabeth Taylors polluting the sample and you’ll find it closer to 20-25% maximum. (Sadly, it’s probably close to that within the Apostolic Movement as well.)

I’ve attended two 50 Year Anniversary parties in the last six weeks, with other 50+ couples in attendance. Those don’t make the headlines but they still happen all the time—among Christians and Hindus and everyone in between.

Anyway, the article shares some surprising nuggets worth pondering.

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John said...

In diffidence of my fellow academics my I propose two ligament reasons why they may not see religion as being important.

If the vast majority of the subjects we C&E (Christmas and Easter)Christians or the like (and from the people I have known I would be surprised if this was not the case) then a faith that a person dose not live should not be expected to affect there life and evidently doesn't.

Two if the persons faith affected other things in there life such as smoking or adultery then depending on the math used; the persons faith may be hiding behind the fruits of that faith.