Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's confessions time. I slept in a bit this morning which is why I'm here(hotel) instead of there(GMC 2010). However we are leaving soon and looking forward to catching what we can of the morning sessions. Bro. Tim Gill is speaking at Worship and The Word this morning and we will be there in time for that. Sorry I missed Bro. Vasquez this morning.


I am blaming our friends KY District Youth President Jeff Wilson and his wife Amanda for us sleeping in. They invited us out to eat last night and us along with the Wade's (my in-laws) and Bro. Buddy Puckett from Lexington closed down O'Charley's last night. They were literally pulling booths out from the wall and cleaning when we left. One of the best things about GMC 2010 has just been the fellowship. My wife and I are new to the ALJC and this has been awesome for us.

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