Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wrap Up

After a night of making new friends (he's already drawn to teenage girls, help us all!)

Enough with people I'm gonna crash now.

It Is Finished....

...but the effects of GMC 2010 for the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ will be felt for sometime. Three days in which hope was felt, and proclaimed. While the crowd was a little less packed in than last nights service they were there with purpose tonight. In fact in just 5 minutes tonight, $40,000 dollars was raised to build churches in the nation of Chile which was hit hard by an earthquake earlier this year. Churches, districts, and other missionaries teamed up to make it happen.
The KY District pitched in the ushers for all the evening services Here they are ready to go on Thursday night.
All in all a fantastic time for all and for us. We are already looking forward to GMC 2011. More thoughts on all of it tommorow.

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