Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GMC Night #2

"Hope Remains" was the theme of Wednesday night at GMC 2010. General Superintendent Rev. Robert Martin challenged the nearly full house to preach hope to all.
He took us on a journey through Acts chapter 27 ending where the Apostle Paul stands and tells those who had just lost hope on the ship that His God had told him that none would perish. It was an inspiring time that ended with the alters full.


Awesome worship
service tonight being led by Chad Erikson. They did a song my wife found a couple of months back on Youtube and it's on our list of things to learn, so she was excited when we arrived and heard them practicing "Shout Joyfully".

Ok, so you don't usually hear much about the offering but Bro. Gene Ebright made the offering a rather exciting time in the service. If you know him he's is a bundle of energy and is a very enthusiastic worshiper. He definitely brought that to the offering tonight.
Bro. George Akers did a great job as the MC for the service. Conference (any conference) MC is always a tough job because of the balance between, the schedule, all the things going on, and keeping the Spirit moving etc....Always impressed when someone really pulls all that off and he did.

GMC 2011
It looks like GMC 2011 will be heading to Chattanooga, TN. A town I've driven through plenty of times but now it looks like I'll have a reason to stop and visit.

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